There’s A Place For Us | How to Be Present, Part 2

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Loving Where You Live Your Life Last week, we meditated on human finitude. We get a limited time on this earth. How should we spend it? How can we use it to the fullest? In his book The Life of the Beloved, writer Henri Nouwen insists: “There is stimulation, excitement, movement and a lot to see, hear, taste and enjoy. The world is only evil when you become its slave. … I believe deeply that all the good things our world has to offer are [ours] to enjoy.” (104)  How can we experience this version of the world, when we often feel the world making us prove our worth or feel not-at-home? How do we challenge and change the structures that reject us and make us believe we don’t belong? It starts by remembering that there is a place for us. Sometimes, we need to play around in a place …

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Our Ten Favorite Podcasts This Summer

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LAUREN THARP COO Leadership Reality We are in the full swing of summer, prepping for our vacation and long-weekend drives. In a recent meeting, we began talking about our favorite podcasts right now. Why we love podcasts: They tell stories, helping us gain a new perspective. They are short and easy to listen to on your commute, in the gym, or binge-listening on a long drive. The keep us curious, giving us with new things to learn and know. Have you waded into the world of podcasts yet? Try out a few of our favorites! Give These Podcasts a Listen Innovation Ecosystem “Innovation starts with open minds. Open minds need content.” This podcast looks at innovation, change, creativity and all of the things that inspire companies and people to be better. I particularly loved the episode interview with David Pearl and his insights on the importance of story.   Outside …

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Ten Books to Read This Summer

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LAUREN THARP COO Leadership Reality Cultivating Curiosity “Good readers are good leaders.” I wish I had a nickel for every time my mom said this phrase to me as I would be rolling in cash. As a child, I was sure that my mom didn’t know what she was talking about (what mom does?). Reading has nothing to do with leading, right? But with age has brought wisdom — or maybe just the realization that other people had thought about the problems I faced and could help me be a more effective person. Curiosity and outside perspective are sometimes our best teachers. We — Leadership Reality — seek to cultivate curiosity in each area of our lives as we believe it will breed depth of learning and understanding. As the summertime begins — vacations, pools, lakes, warm nights on the porch — we encourage you to stay curious. Dive into …

How to Fix Corporate America’s Leadership Crisis

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DANIEL MONTGOMERY Founder & CEO Leadership Reality On November 8, 2017, the Golden State Warriors had a problem.  After suffering a nasty thigh contusion a few days before, their superstar, Kevin Durant, was forced to sit out that night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  For plenty of teams, this would be a disaster. But not for Golden State.  Omri Casspi, JaVale McGee, Patrick McCaw, Kevon Looney, Nick Young—names you wouldn’t recognize unless you were a hard-core Warriors fan—jumped in to score an unheard-of 57 points from the bench and propel the Warriors to a decisive victory. What does that have to do my business?  In a survey conducted by DDI, 84% of the respondents expected to fall short of their leadership needs within 5 years. And, while they recognized the need for leadership development, only 5% had implemented a holistic plan for making that happen. Even worse, 25% had a …

Why You Need to Put Culture Before Strategy

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DANIEL MONTGOMERY Founder & CEO Leadership Reality “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This quote has been floating around the business world for a while. It’s often credited to Peter Drucker, but the jury’s still out on who really said it first.  Mark Fields—former president and CEO of Ford—summed it up nicely: “You can have the best plan in the world, and if the culture isn’t going to let it happen, it’s going to die on the vine.”  What Drucker/Fields/Whoever is saying is spot-on. You can go ahead and pay a consultant big money to draft the most incredible strategic plan anyone has ever seen. But, if you don’t have the culture to support it, that plan will be dead on arrival. Have We Heard Something Like That Before? To my ears, this sounds like a slight variation on a theme we find in Jesus’ ministry. Once, Jesus ripped into a …