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Leader Archetype #4 | The Individualist

Daniel Montgomery self awareness

SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Four Do you often wrestle with the questions of “Who am I?” “What am I here for?” “Why am I even doing this?” Do you have the gift of being present for those in pain? Are you uncomfortable with inauthenticity? Does leadership often make you feel like an imposter? If so, you might be a Four. The Leadership Archetype of a Four is called the Individualist, the Artist or the Romantic. Fours lead with visions for the future, grand ideas backed by layers of philosophical purpose, and a unique ability for creating beauty from the ashes. Fours are culture creators and meaning makers. Core values are not far from the surface, if any surface exists at all; fours are awful at small talk. This archetype leads with their emotions, then ruminates about their emotions, getting trapped in a feel/think …

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Understanding the Power of Your Leadership Archetype

Daniel Montgomery self awareness

SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative My best friend since childhood has always been a natural leader. She’s charming, out-going, and a little bossy. She thinks in black and white, knows what she wants and goes after it, every time. Her insecurity meter is broken and when someone pays her a complement, her first instinct is to say, “I know.” I love her dearly, but I often want to punch her in the throat for being so ridiculously confident.  In comparison, I am awkward, self-deprecating, and way more comfortable with the gray areas of life. I don’t exactly scream “natural born leader.” Yet here I am, leading my family as a mother, leading my company, and leading my clients as a marketing consultant. So when I think about growth as a leader, I automatically think I’m supposed to be more like Stacey.  Or like Hillary. Or like Cheryl Sandberg. …