Project Description

We address the disconnects between different headquarters of a growing engineering firm. Our coaching resulted in renewed relationships and new approaches to internal mentorship and education.

KPFF Louisville is a growing engineering firm, focused on providing excellence in engineering throughout the region. Led by Greg Buccola, the team and clients have grown rapidly in the short time since its inception.

KPFF’s parent organization provides a network of resources, collaboration, and training for individual offices and contributors. KPFF has over 20 offices and over 1000 employees.  More info on the parent org can be found here.

As KPFF Louisville focused on growth opportunities, it became clear that collaboration with other offices was essential for future growth. Buccola organized a two-day meet-up in DC to leverage existing relationships between KPFF offices in order to increase opportunities and collaboration across the whole company. Each office wanted to know that there was a larger plan that would allow everyone to take their cut. To that end, this session facilitated by Leadership Reality focused on building relationships, asking all offices: “What are we doing?”, “How do we want to get there?” and “How are we going to work together?”