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The One Thing Leaders Miss

Daniel Montgomery Reality

DANIEL MONTGOMERY Founder & CEO Leadership Reality Have you ever watched a singer go down in flames on American Idol? How does that happen? How do these poor people make it all the way to the TV screen entirely unaware of their glaring lack of vocal talent? Did no one ever tell them? I’ve had a similar feeling as I’ve consulted with companies.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about professional competence. The people I’ve met and worked with are some of the most brilliant operators you’ll ever meet. Unlike those contestants on Idol, they consistently demonstrate why they belong in the spotlight. But, just like those early washouts, these leaders walk out onto that stage with a paper-thin sense of who they are and why that matters to the audience before them. For all their operational brilliance, they’re completely unaware. Typical Examples In working with businesses, I’ve met …