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Leader Archetype #9 | The Peacemaker

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Nine The Nine. The Crown of the enneagram. The Archetype that reflects all the other numbers, so much so that they have a hard time identifying themselves as Nines. Accommodating, supportive, non-judgmental, practical and hard-working, the Nine leader will sacrifice extensively for a genuine concern for those on their team, working tirelessly to promote the agenda of their organization or community. Every true Nine would cringe at any description that draws such positive attention to themselves, however, these leaders are so easy to like. The archetypal leader who is digging in the ditches alongside her people, often called The Peacemaker or The Mediator, leads by example and by reaching consensus. The Problem with a Nine Leader The leadership style of the Nine begins with gathering people together and then letting everyone else shine, often leaving their own opinion out …

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Leader Archetype #8 | The Challenger

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of an Eight The Challenger. The Protector. The Boss. All these title descriptors couldn’t encompass the larger-than-life style of the Eight leadership archetype. These assertive, confident, powerful people came out of the womb knowing what they wanted and who should get it for them. Sometimes aggressive, Eights are motivated by the desire to control their environment, for good or evil. These black & white decision makers easily fill the leadership void wherever it may be and makes up the majority of CEOs in the US as their personality is focused on strength, avoiding weakness, protection for the underdog, and moving the ball forward at any cost. While many find Eights to be intimidating, Eights are often surprised to hear that others fear them because in their core, this archetype is incredibly sensitive. They are drawn to defending the oppressed and look …

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Leader Archetype #7 | The Enthusiast

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Seven “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” – Steve Jobs A notorious leader, Steve Jobs is also listed in various enneagram articles as a Seven leader. This Enthusiast leadership archetype is known, much like Steve Jobs, for their innovation and imagination. Forward-looking planners who are constantly on the move for the next best thing, imagine all the creative possibilities connected to whatever interests them. Options make Sevens feel good, so don’t try to put constraints on them. They are quick, spontaneous and engaging storytellers, but rarely have the patience to get those stories down on paper; they are much to pre-occupied in collecting, living, and experiencing the next adventure. As leaders, they celebrate …

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Leader Archetype #6 | The Loyalist

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Six It’s no secret that I am a Game of Thrones fangirl, because at some point you have to stop using all your examples from Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia, you know? Game of Thrones offers a veritable buffet of leaders to analyze, their lifelong transformational journeys are right there condensed into seven seasons (HBO just announced the final season 8 will be only 4 episodes to be released in 2019 – oh, the agony of the wait.) Although there are more than a few Sixes to choose from (Sir Davos, Gilly, Samwell Tarly, for starters), the most representative archetype of the Six can be seen in the institution of the Night’s Watch, a military order dedicated to standing guard at the wall that borders and protects the realms of men from what’s lurking beyond. The …

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Leader Archetype #5 | The Investigator

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Five The leadership archetype of The Investigator is one of the mad scientist, expert, genius, the quiet specialist, the observer, detached mastermind. Five’s are driven by their need to get home before their energy runs out. They work totally independent of others, and measure how much everything will cost them. Safety and security in a future world is as important as not looking foolish or unknowledgeable. Curiosity may kill some cats, but Five’s come alive when their curiosity is piqued. “Why?” and “How?” are their favorite questions. These folks are conceptual thinkers and rarely have time for the direct implications of them. Rational versus relational, intellectualize versus romanticize, minimize versus maximize. These leaders rank the highest in competency. Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognize Sheldon as a Five. The Problem with a Five Leader As part of …

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Leader Archetype #4 | The Individualist

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Four Do you often wrestle with the questions of “Who am I?” “What am I here for?” “Why am I even doing this?” Do you have the gift of being present for those in pain? Are you uncomfortable with inauthenticity? Does leadership often make you feel like an imposter? If so, you might be a Four. The Leadership Archetype of a Four is called the Individualist, the Artist or the Romantic. Fours lead with visions for the future, grand ideas backed by layers of philosophical purpose, and a unique ability for creating beauty from the ashes. Fours are culture creators and meaning makers. Core values are not far from the surface, if any surface exists at all; fours are awful at small talk. This archetype leads with their emotions, then ruminates about their emotions, getting trapped in a feel/think …

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Leader Archetype #3 | The Achiever

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Three In 2017, Tom Cruise made $43 million. He is not only a Type 3 in real life, he plays one on TV. Top Gun, Jerry Mcguire, The Color of Money, Rain Man, Days of Thunder. Don’t even get me started on the Mission Impossibles. The archetype of an #3 Achiever is the standard profile for the American charming CEO. These leaders are known for their drive, their short sleep cycles, and their raging need to win. Understanding Your Needs Our COO here at Leadership Reality, Lauren Tharp, is well aware of her drive to achieve and how it impacts her daily life. Understanding her enneagram number “has validated and solidified what I knew were my strengths, but also shone a light on areas I ignore or constraints that can undo me. Typically I do well with moving things …

Leader Archetype #2 | The Helper

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative The Character of a Two By nature, the Two Archetype of a leader is warm, nonjudgmental, giving and kind. Beatrice Chestnut, a leadership expert, offers seven characteristics that define the Helper’s style of leadership — each one containing positives and the potential for negative when found in overabundance: Charm and warmth, empathy and emotional sensitivity. There is no better example of an unhealthy Two Leader than a stereotypical, overbearing mother. Other names for Two’s are The Servant or the Hostess. The mother in the television show Everybody loves Raymond or Howard’s mother, Mrs. Horowitz, from Big Bang Theory. These types of leaders want to be needed. They live to serve. While outwardly the service looks like generosity, the darker shadow is the part that requires something unspoken in return. It’s no accident that we don’t ever see Mrs. Horowitz in the show as …

Leader Archetype #1 | The Reformer

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a One One of the best examples from television of a Leadership Archetype #1 is that of Lady Isobel Crawley from Downton Abbey. Lady Crawley maintains a deep commitment to her values, rights the wrongs around her, and expects others to hold to the same standards she has set for herself. Unfortunately for her, not everyone plays by the same rules. In fact, though she is a true advocate for the downcast, she can also be insufferable to those around her, particularly her frenemy, the Dowager Countess, Lady Violet.  Lady Violet Grantham calls out Lady Crawley’s idealism when she asks her, “Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?”  Being right, righteous, values-driven, morally upright, above reproach, and maintaining the highest integrity are all descriptors of this archetype. (No one has really ever accused me of any of these …

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Understanding the Power of Your Leadership Archetype

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative My best friend since childhood has always been a natural leader. She’s charming, out-going, and a little bossy. She thinks in black and white, knows what she wants and goes after it, every time. Her insecurity meter is broken and when someone pays her a complement, her first instinct is to say, “I know.” I love her dearly, but I often want to punch her in the throat for being so ridiculously confident.  In comparison, I am awkward, self-deprecating, and way more comfortable with the gray areas of life. I don’t exactly scream “natural born leader.” Yet here I am, leading my family as a mother, leading my company, and leading my clients as a marketing consultant. So when I think about growth as a leader, I automatically think I’m supposed to be more like Stacey.  Or like Hillary. Or like Cheryl Sandberg. …