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Leader Archetype #5 | The Investigator

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative Leadership Style of a Five The leadership archetype of The Investigator is one of the mad scientist, expert, genius, the quiet specialist, the observer, detached mastermind. Five’s are driven by their need to get home before their energy runs out. They work totally independent of others, and measure how much everything will cost them. Safety and security in a future world is as important as not looking foolish or unknowledgeable. Curiosity may kill some cats, but Five’s come alive when their curiosity is piqued. “Why?” and “How?” are their favorite questions. These folks are conceptual thinkers and rarely have time for the direct implications of them. Rational versus relational, intellectualize versus romanticize, minimize versus maximize. These leaders rank the highest in competency. Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognize Sheldon as a Five. The Problem with a Five Leader As part of …