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Our Ten Favorite Podcasts This Summer

Daniel Montgomery Culture

LAUREN THARP COO Leadership Reality We are in the full swing of summer, prepping for our vacation and long-weekend drives. In a recent meeting, we began talking about our favorite podcasts right now. Why we love podcasts: They tell stories, helping us gain a new perspective. They are short and easy to listen to on your commute, in the gym, or binge-listening on a long drive. The keep us curious, giving us with new things to learn and know. Have you waded into the world of podcasts yet? Try out a few of our favorites! Give These Podcasts a Listen Innovation Ecosystem “Innovation starts with open minds. Open minds need content.” This podcast looks at innovation, change, creativity and all of the things that inspire companies and people to be better. I particularly loved the episode interview with David Pearl and his insights on the importance of story.   Outside …