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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative The Character of a Two By nature, the Two Archetype of a leader is warm, nonjudgmental, giving and kind. Beatrice Chestnut, a leadership expert, offers seven characteristics that define the Helper’s style of leadership — each one containing positives and the potential for negative when found in overabundance: Charm and warmth, empathy and emotional sensitivity. There is no better example of an unhealthy Two Leader than a stereotypical, overbearing mother. Other names for Two’s are The Servant or the Hostess. The mother in the television show Everybody loves Raymond or Howard’s mother, Mrs. Horowitz, from Big Bang Theory. These types of leaders want to be needed. They live to serve. While outwardly the service looks like generosity, the darker shadow is the part that requires something unspoken in return. It’s no accident that we don’t ever see Mrs. Horowitz in the show as …

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Understanding the Power of Your Leadership Archetype

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SARAH BRAUD Contributor & CEO Braud Creative My best friend since childhood has always been a natural leader. She’s charming, out-going, and a little bossy. She thinks in black and white, knows what she wants and goes after it, every time. Her insecurity meter is broken and when someone pays her a complement, her first instinct is to say, “I know.” I love her dearly, but I often want to punch her in the throat for being so ridiculously confident.  In comparison, I am awkward, self-deprecating, and way more comfortable with the gray areas of life. I don’t exactly scream “natural born leader.” Yet here I am, leading my family as a mother, leading my company, and leading my clients as a marketing consultant. So when I think about growth as a leader, I automatically think I’m supposed to be more like Stacey.  Or like Hillary. Or like Cheryl Sandberg. …